Skills and Drills Development Program

A holistic football development program for boys and girls covering SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) practices, Coerver Coaching (Quick Skills) practices, FFA Curriculum practices, shooting/strikers practices, goal keeping practices and games.

Strikers / Finishing Program

The ten sessions will cover shooting/striking the ball, shooting/scoring goals, shooting/volley and half volley, receiving and shooting, finishing from wider areas(crossing etc.),quick play in and around the box-passing and first time shooting, combination shooting exercises, heading techniques.

School Holiday Coaching Clinics

A three day school holiday coaching clinic with 7 ½ hours of quality coaching from FFA accredited A.F.C. Inc Coaching staff. For both boys and girls aged 7 years - 15 years of age, the sessions are about learning new skills, playing lots of games, making new friends, but most of all, having lots of fun!

Goal Keeping Program

The ten sessions will cover starting position and catching techniques, collapse save technique, footwork-running, sprinting and ¾ movement, short pass and distribution-throwing, rolling and push throws, positioning-corners, wide angle crosses and wall positioning, slalom saves, catching and diving drills, deflecting and punching, distribution-kicking variations and one on one situations.   

Other A.F.C Inc. Programs

  • Coaching Seminars

  • Coaching Workshops

  • High Performance Programs

  • Skills/Coaching Clinics (School Holidays)

  • Goal Keeping

  • Strikers School

  • Team Development Program

  • Club Development Program

  • Summer Programs

  • Futsal

  • School Visits

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