AFCCA Coaching Seminars 2019 - 2020

The following seminars have been organised, some with the details to be confirmed as shown:

  1. David Mitchell -former Socceroo and A-League Coach -Date and venue to be advised.

  2. Steve O’Connor -former Socceroo and AIS Coach -Date and venue to be advised.

  3. Craig Johnston -Liverpool F.C. legend -Date and venue to be advised.

  4. Ron Smith -former AIS Head Coach and current FFA Coach -Date and venue to be advised.

  5. Two Futsal Coaching Seminars to be held at Awaba with dates to be advised.

  6. EPL Development/High Performance Coach Frank O'Brien Chelsea FC Academy Coach -Seminar May/June 2020 -Date and venue to be advised.

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Futsal Competitions 2019

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School Holiday Coaching Clinics

A three day school holiday coaching clinic with 7 ½ hours of quality coaching from FFA accredited A.F.C. Inc Coaching staff. For both boys and girls aged 7 years - 15 years of age, the sessions are about learning new skills, playing lots of games, making new friends, but most of all, having lots of fun!

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Registration for AFCCA is now free, and to join and register contact Geoff Finch on 0409 849890,

Strikers / Finishing Program

The ten sessions will cover shooting/striking the ball, shooting/scoring goals, shooting/volley and half volley, receiving and shooting, finishing from wider areas(crossing etc.),quick play in and around the box-passing and first time shooting, combination shooting exercises, heading techniques.

Goal Keeping Program

The ten sessions will cover starting position and catching techniques, collapse save technique, footwork-running, sprinting and ¾ movement, short pass and distribution-throwing, rolling and push throws, positioning-corners, wide angle crosses and wall positioning, slalom saves, catching and diving drills, deflecting and punching, distribution-kicking variations and one on one situations.